This Bar Has a Game of Thrones Cocktail List and It’s Surprisingly On Point

It’s Game of Thronegroni week at Corner Door

No one was asking for the themed-cocktail-list bar to be raised, but Corner Door’s Beau du Bois went ahead and did it anyways. On his Negroni Week menu, which will be available until June 12, the aperitifs named for the seven kingdoms of Westeros all show a ridiculously high degree of cleverness, craft, and straight up nerd-dom. That the proceeds go to benefit The Forgotten Dog Foundation is just a bonus. Here are the cocktails with a quick explainer for all non-GOT superfans—also known as super lame people with no friends.

Direwolf – Kingdom of the North, Winterfell
Campari, Blended Scotch, Punt e Mes, Walnut Liqueur


The direwolf—an extinct big-ass breed of wolf that also happens to also exist in the GOT universe—is the house sigil of the Stark family, who, as you all know, ruled over the Kingdom of the North for hundreds of years until King Torrhen bent the knee and conceded sovereignty to Aegon Targaryen. It also sounds super edgy and cocktail-y and even if I didn’t watch GOT I would immediately gravitate towards a drink named after wolf. This gets an A+.

Balerion, The Black Dread – Kingdom of the Isles and Rivers, Harrenhal
Pineapple & Lime-infused Campari, Blackstrap Rum, Punt e Mes


Are you seriously not going to order a drink named after the baddest dragon of all time? The one whose teeth were long as swords and who cast shadows over entire towns as he flew overhead? The one who was a primary driving force behind a damn near pan-Westerosi Targaryen takeover (no one messes with Dorne!)? And there’s Blackstrap Rum in it, because Balerion was black. Nice touch.

Bitter Brother – Kingdom of the Stormland, Storm’s End
Campari, Bourbon, Cynar, Punt e Mes


The naming on this is a little on the nose. Obvs, it refers to Stannis Baratheon being bitter about his brother Renly’s supposed (totally baseless) claim to the Iron Throne. Also there are three kinds of super bitter liqueurs in here! Bitter brother indeed!

Red Viper – Principality of Dorne, Sunspear
Campari, Mezcal, Dry Vermouth, Pear Brandy, Habanero


It’s like Prince Oberyn Martell of Dorne, aka the Red Viper, crawled into the glass. Even the Thai chili and orange rind, entwined in a passionate embrace, look like Oberyn and one of his many lovers of all genders. God, I’m all jacked up on GOT right now.

Moon Door – Kingdom of the Mountain and the Vale, The Eyrie
Campari, Gin, Sweet Vermouth, Genepy, Mint


The Moon Door: a retractable opening in the floor of the Eyrie which petulent child-lord Robin Arryn uses to execute his enemies. Also: a sweet and ephemeral cocktail. Totally works.

Queen Regent – Kingdom of the Rock, Casterly Rock
Campari, Pisco, Bianco Vermouth, Coconut Liqueur, Salt, Castillian Bitters


I appreciate the craft and cleverness that went into the drink, but don’t be the person who orders a drink named after Cersei Lannister. Nothing good can come from it. Though you gotta give Beau du Bois props for not calling it “A Lannister Always Pays His Bar Tab.”

Knight of the Flowers – Kingdom of the Reach, Highgarden
Campari, Barrel-Aged Genever, Dry Vermouth, Cream Sherry, Cinnamon


Oh Loras Tyrell, you sweet, beautiful flower fallen on bitter times. We’ll pour the first sip out for you (but not really because this costs $13) and may you one day escape your shackles in the High Sparrow’s oppressive dungeon.

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