Bar Chef Matthew Biancaniello Celebrates Summer With Pop-Ups Galore

The cocktail mastermind is bringing chicken-flavored absinthe, and much more, to a neighborhood near you

Ever since bar chef Matthew Biancaniello left Hollywood Roosevelt’s Library Bar in 2012 he has usurped Chef Ludo Lefebvre as the King of Pop-Ups. Not only has he popped up at Scoops Westside, Chaya DTLA, Cliff’s Edge, and strip joint Cheetahs, but he’s filled his nonexistent downtime by consulting on bar programs for Pot Bar at the Line and Plan Check.

“I love working with different chefs, ones that think differently or demand different things of me,” he says. “I love the pressure of having to keep creating new things and I love doing pop-ups in different parts of town so I can introduce my concept to more people who might not be able to travel or even know about me.”

And this is the summer of Biancaniello as he takes over, well, everywhere. Here’s where you can find him.

  • July 15-August 26 every Wednesday at Fat Dog North Hollywood: Ocean-themed cocktails, lobster ice cream Cynar affogatos, seaweed margaritas, and new uni drinks with strawberries and flowering majoram and padron pepper Novo Fogo with Santa Rosa plums and parsley.
  • July 19 at Sweet Rose Creamery on Beverly Boulevard: He’s worked with Sweet Rose Creamery’s Executive Chef/Co-Owner Shiho Yoshikawa on new “booze-inspired” flavors, like kombu and nori ice cream with unfiltered sake, white balsamic Negroni with pickled mustard seeds and bronze fennel, and scotch with dashi, and wasabi ice cream with a #14 amaro, blueberry juice reduction and grilled corn.
  • July 20 and 27 at Spaghettini Beverly Hills: This pop-up will feature cocktails from Biancaniello’s upcoming Eat Your Drink book (March 2016), as well as alcoholic oysters like Laphroaig with wheatgrass-infused Chareau foam and black sesame seeds.
  • July 23 at the sold-out Maru Fried Chicken nighta Sazerac fig-infused rye, vanilla-infused absinthe with a fried chicken oil spray plus a Cap Rock bitter cocktail with tomatoes and lovage and Cuban oregano and ghost pepper salt.
  • August 20 at Vertical Wine Bar in partnership with Laurent Quenioux’s raw bar: ocean-inspired cocktails using ingredients from the raw bar, like a new improved Breeder’s Cup, wild Pimms with black Peruvian mint, and the 17-step Bloody Mary with fresh clam juice and alcoholic oysters.
  • August 30 at The Taste of Venice