Ask Whit: Wine Spritzers

Are wine spritzers cool again?
Welcome to the first installment of Ask Whit, wherein sommelier and all-around wine lady Whitney Adams answers any and all of your wine-soaked questions.

We’re off to a fun start this summer with an inquiring mind who must know whether adding sparkling water to her wine is a do or a definite don’t.

Q: “Are wine spritzers cool again?” 

A: Yes, why yes they are. In answering this question, I’m forced to wonder why they ever became NOT cool, as they are the ultimate warm weather wine-drinking companion. Use a light rosé or white (hell, even red), add your favorite bubbly water and it’s game on. Over ice, no ice, with a wedge or peel of citrus, maybe even a dash or two of orange bitters – it is as versatile as it is refreshing. Choose an affordable bottle of high acid, unoaked wine for best and brightest results. I prefer dry Riesling or French rosé, but really there are plenty of options. 

In summation, there is no shame in the spritzer game.  
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