Ask a Wine Pro: How to Store Wine

If you don’t have a special wine fridge, don’t worry—just chill

Welcome to another installment of Ask a Wine Pro, wherein sommelier and all-around wine lady Whitney Adams answers any and all of your wine-soaked questions. Q: If I don’t have a cellar or wine fridge, what’s the best way to store wine? A: For a few years, when I first started out in the wine game, I didn’t own anything special. I tucked all my wine away horizontally in the back corner of my dark, cool closet. Bottles I wanted to drink soon (especially whites, bubbly ,and rosé) would live in the refrigerator. If you have less than a case of wine at any given time this method should work out just fine. But, if you are starting to gather a collection or entertain frequently and want your wines at proper serving temperature, I highly recommend investing in a small dedicated wine fridge. You can easily find one at any big chain store for under $200-$300. If you are a budding collector and want to start aging some wines, but don’t have any extra space for storage in your home, look to wine lockers and offsite facilities. They offer consistent temperature control and protection for your precious bottles for a monthly or annual rental fee. Bottom line: wine is a living breathing thing and storing it in a hot kitchen or where it’s exposed to bright sunlight can ruin it. As long as you don’t do those two things you are headed in the right direction. Do you have a vino-related question you’re itching to ask? Leave a comment here or email Whitney at [email protected]