Cheers to Our New Drinks Editor Caroline Pardilla

Or as you probably know her, Caroline on Crack

It’s not as if we really need a reason to raise a glass on a Friday, but today we have a pretty great one: Caroline Pardilla—AKA Caroline on Crack—is now the official Drinks Editor for Los Angeles magazine. (*Clink!)

Pardilla has been covering the food and drinks scene like a champ for the last decade—and has been’s primary voice on the city’s cocktail culture for more than four years. On our Liquid LA blog, she’ll continue to be the source for sprits expertise online. But along with her new title, she’ll now have an expanded print role including a new regular in-book column highlighting the best of L.A.’s boozey offerings.

In honor of the occasion we’ve compiled a list of her top 10 most popular posts ever. From what to drink at Disneyland to a totally radical toast to ’80s cocktails, here’s an intoxicating trip down memory lane.


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  7. Blast from the Past: ’80s Cocktails are Back
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  9. A Farewell Letter to L.A.’s Bartender Extraordinaire Julian Cox
  10. 5 Things I Learned From Cocktail Maestro Salvatore Calabrese