Adam Carolla Talks About His New Beer and Why He Pees in the Yard

First he brought us Mangria, now he brings us Endless Rant IPA

Not many of us are lucky enough to have our good ideas realized. Whether it’s a matter of securing financial backing or even just getting off our butts in the first place to go do it, there’s usually something that gets in the way. (One day I’ll make single malt cough drops a reality!)

Podcast kingpin Adam Carolla has no problems with making every single idea that pops into his head happen. He wants to make a documentary about Paul Newman’s racing career; BOOM! done. He wants sangria for dudes; Mangria is born. He also has TV shows, car racing trophies, and New York Times bestselling books in his repertoire. And now he’s added beer.

Carolla’s new Endless Rant IPA, brewed in collaboration with King Harbor Brewing Company, made its hoppy debut on his website last month and recently had an unveiling at ICON in Chatsworth. We sat down with him to find out more about his new addition to the crowded craft beer market.

With all the projects you’re involved in, why start doing beer?
“I did a Mangria event in Manhattan Beach, and these guys came out from King Harbor and sort of accosted us in the parking lot and said, ‘Let’s make you a beer.’ And I said, ‘Yeah, let’s do some beers.’ And they gave us some growlers for the road. I’m riding shotgun so I had a hit off the growler and next thing you know we just started getting in the beer business. It was something we always wanted to do but we needed somebody to tap us on the shoulder and say we can do it for you.”

What was your involvement in actually making the beer? Was it made to your taste or did you have a recipe that you wanted to do?
“The guy who walks my dog and breaks in my loafers is also my taste guy so I just farm that out. No, I told the King Harbor guys ‘Here’s what I want’ and then I picked out a couple of beers that I liked and said ‘It’s gotta be somewhere in this neighborhood.’ So we picked out some beers that we liked and we landed in the middle of these things I enjoy.

What were the beers that you gave as examples?
“In my small, very limited range, I thought the Saint Archer IPA and the Pizza Port Swami one, I really enjoyed them. I think people do it with cars. They go, ‘Oh, look at that Jaguar XKR’ and then they go ‘Ooh look at the Ferrari’ and they go ‘I want one that has that hood but has those taillights.’ So that’s what we did.”

You didn’t vet King Harbor. They were just the ones with the gumption to come up to you and say, “Hey, let’s make a beer.”
“I’m not a good vetter. They looked like they drank a lot of beer and they brought us growlers—I don’t know if I mentioned that—and they came out to meet us. Why would I want to say to that guy, ‘All right but there’s a couple of other prom dates I’m looking at’? They seemed to know what they’re doing. I didn’t want to turn it into a two-year thing where we’re just turning over rocks looking for people.”

This is more than a marketing thing for you? It sounds like you have a real passion for beer.
“Yeah, I like it a lot and I’m proud of it. For me, if we’re going to do something, whether it’s beer or baseball caps, if it’s not good—or if we don’t like it or it’s not the way we want it—I can’t get out there and flog it. So unless things are really the way you want it, you can’t be out there talking it up. We like it a lot. It doesn’t mean everyone’s going to like it, it just means we like it.”

Where’s your favorite place to drink beer?
“I like my shop with all the cars and all the tools. I have multiple refrigerators. I always tell guys, when you buy your first house, once a month, just pee in the yard. You’ll feel like a homeowner, it just feels good. My yard, my house. But go in that backyard when everyone’s asleep, hold that Endless Rant IPA and just take that leak in that yard and just own it. Own your property. I go to the warehouse where all the cars are and just go there alone at two in the afternoon. I just pour myself a beer and just putz around and it feels good. You don’t want music blaring and you don’t want five people following you. I just want to walk around with my beer.”