5 Perfect Wines to Pair with Pizza

DeSano Pizza Bakery’s Marino Monferrato shares his favorite wine-and-pizza pairings

Since opening earlier this year, East Hollywood’s DeSano Pizza Bakery has been making a play for “best pizza in L.A.” cred by serving up Napoli-style pies fired in 900-degree ovens and using ingredients sourced from Southern Italy. They also do crispy golden calzones, sandwiches, and cannoli stuffed to order. The only downside about the place has been their lack of liquor license. But that’s all over now—DeSano is now serving wine and beer!

To celebrate, we asked Marino Monferrato, Managing Partner of DeSano, to share his of perfect pizza-pairing wines:

Barbera D’alba, Maraia, Marchesi di Barolo
“In Italian dialect, the name Maraia refers to “a young child who is especially vivacious, giggly and lively,” and it captures the cheerful tone of this wine. It’s red-violet in color with a beautiful nose of black cherry, honey and peppercorn and tart, wild berries, cherry and balsamic on the palate with a sharp acidity. Its long finish ends with baked cherry, dark chocolate and cedar notes.”

Pairs best with: “Hearty, meat-driven pizza, either topped with sausage or bresaola.”

Gigondas, Domaine de la Bouissiere
“Gigondas is a village in the southern Rhone valley. They make beautiful wines from old vines, and the quality-to-price ratio is superb. These wines are made with the Grenache, Syrah and Mourvedre varietals.”

Pairs best with: “A meat-centric pizza topped with speck, wild boar sausages or other game due to its spice, long finish and smoky flavors.”

Falanghina, Feudi di San Gregorio
“Coming from the Campania region of Italy (where pizza was born), this is a beautiful, crisp, luscious medium-bodied white wine with a lasting citrus and mineral aftertaste.”

Pairs best with: “A classic margherita, a traditional napoletana (anchovies, capers and olives) or with a vegetables-based pizza”

Morgon, Beaujolais Grand Cru
“I love wines from Beaujolais. They are made with the Gamay grape, and Morgon is one of the ten Beaujolais Crus. Morgon wines are usually denser and richer than the other Beaujolais wines and with luscious dark cherry flavors and an earthy, herbal finish.”

Pairs best with: “A charred Neapolitan pizza topped with roasted vegetables or spicy salami.” 

Bellavista Rosé, Franciacorta, Italy
“Well, I do love bubbly wines and, in my opinion, Franciacorta produces the best sparkling wines in all of Italy. I especially love Bellavista because my last job in Italy before I came to the USA was as part of the opening team of L’Albereta Resort in Franciacorta. Made mostly with Pinot Nero and Chardonnay, Bellavista is a dry well balanced wine, with hints of roses, toasted bread and red currant”.

Pairs best with: “Every kind of pizza, and that is why if it were up to me I would drink sparkling wines and eat pizza every day for the rest of my life.”

redarrow DeSano Pizza Bakery, 4959 Santa Monica Blvd., East Hollywood, 323-913-7000.