Three Great Kid-Friendly Beer Pubs in L.A.

Where you can bring the kids while enjoying a local brew

For beer-loving parents, toting the stroller along to the local pub isn’t always an option. Many brewpubs and tap rooms have permitting limitations which keep them from allowing children during business hours. But luckily, that’s not always the case. As our local craft beer scene expands, so do options that cater to families. After all, who deserves a frosty pint more than that couple with the ornery two-year-old?

326 at the Original Farmers Market
One of L.A.’s better-kept secrets in L.A. the small craft beer and wine bar tucked inside the Farmers Market on 3rd and Fairfax, which offers a surprisingly good selection of local craft beers (by pint or pitchers) and wines by the glass. The people watching is superb and there are even happy hour specials to sweeten the deal. You’ll also have an entire market’s worth of dining and shopping options (Littlejohn’s toffee anyone?) to keep the kids entertained while you relax on one of the patio tables.

Golden Road Brewing
If this Northeast L.A. brewhouse didn’t have such a stellar menu of craft beer, you might mistake it for a family amusement center. There’s a kid;s menu serving grilled cheese and pasta, ample outdoor picnic seating, and a wide selection of board and lawn games playable for any age. Oh, and make sure to raise your glass when the freight trains rumble by on the adjacent tracks. Everyone loves that part.

Rock ‘n’ Brews El Segundo
This bustling restaurant and pub in El Segundo recently started offering each table a set of Tegu Blocks, magnetic wooden building blocks that can be constructed into almost anything (think Legos but not as messy). There’s also a kid’s jungle gym, which can be handy for when you’re trying to catch the last quarter of the game in solitude on one of the four big screen TVs. All this accommodation doesn’t require any sacrifice for beer lovers either—Rock ‘n’ Brews boasts 40 rotating taps of local beer (plus a great menu of drinking snacks).