Shock and Ahhh: A Peek Inside The Santa’s Workshop Of Sex Toys—Our First NSFW Slide Show!


Bronzed boners, rubber phalluses, synthetic buttocks, and God-knows-whats. (Seriously, we don’t know where they go or how they work.) Sex toy manufacturer Doc Johnson makes 330,000 pleasure-giving products each month in its North Hollywood factory—and built a hundred million-dollar, battery-powered empire. Los Angeles writer-at-large Dave Gardetta went deep inside the company’s six-acre facility for his July feature, “Doctor’s Orders.” While we resisted running these racy (and oft-hilarious) pictures in our family-friendly magazine, we opted to put together a NSFW slideshow of outtakes from Jeff Minton’s photo shoot. Just don’t say we didn’t porn-warn you

Photographs by Jeff Minton