Los Angeles Magazine Breakfast Survey Results!


Hundreds of you from various corners of Los Angeles took our Breakfast Survey this summer, and—after gulping down a protein shake for endurance and crunching all the numbers—the results are in! So is breakfast really the most important meal in the minds of our readers? Read on to find out

Healthy Habit
Almost 4% of readers eat breakfast out every day
66% eat breakfast out once or twice a week
20% eat breakfast out three or more times a week
10% only eat breakfast at home. (Boy, are they missing out!) 

Breakfast Time!
52% of readers wait an hour after waking up before grubbing
27% wait two hours
11% eat immediately—maybe even in bed.  

Ready, Set, Munch
A little more than half of us allow 10 or 20 minutes for breakfast. That’s not counting those who grab a granola bar in the car while driving to work. 

A Work Meal
Talk about multi-taskers! A whopping 57 respondents check their email over breakfast. 

For 51% of us, daily caffeine is mandatory. While 89% make coffee at home, L.A.’s favorite cup by the pros comes from Intelligentsia. For megachains we like native Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf over Starbucks, but barely. 58% down one cup a day—black. 

Breakfast Pizza
Nearly 60% of readers give leftover pizza a thumbs up for morning chow. 

Super Bowls
L.A.’s top three breakfast cereals:
1. Honey Bunches of Oats
2. Honey Nut Cheerios
3. Kathy Go Lean Crunch! (C’mon, really?

57.5% of readers wait until the weekend to wash down breakfast with an alcoholic beverage
13% just wait until after 11 a.m.
And 5% don’t wait at all. 

Clothes Call
The majority of readers, 64%, wear their jammies to breakfast
The next biggest group, 17.5%, sit down for the meal in workout gear 

Caution: Hot!
8% of L.A. folks (3/4 of whom are men) say they do breakfast in the buff. 

33% of readers prefer their eggs scrambled
19.5% prefer over easy (us, too!)
12.5% prefer sunnyside-up
9% prefer whites only. 
8% prefer poached
3.5% prefer hardboiled
And 14.5% prefer a different style altogether—which is what, raw?  

Missing Link
Turns out we’re a bacon city. Angelenos prefer strips over sausage two to one. 

Sugar Rush
Only 15% of L.A. men wake up craving something sweet, while 35% of women think a little sugar in the morning is just fine. 

Faking It
Score one for Mrs. Butterworth: One in ten locals prefer artificial syrup to pure maple 

Griddle Wars
And the winner is…. Pancakes! They beat out waffles—actually, it was more like a slaughter—to win the title of L.A.’s favorite breakfast starch. 

(Breakfast) Food for Thought
70% say that breakfast is the most important meal of the day. We’re so proud.

*Results were tabulated from reader responses to an online survey at LAmag.com.