Coachella Fest Fashion

We scoured the polo grounds and ran the party circuit in search of the most stylish concertgoers and the latest trends

Despite Friday’s driving rain and ominous rolling thunder, festival-goers were determined to kick off the first weekend of Coachella in style. Legions of girls in mini-dresses, cut-off shorts, and half shirts huddled and shivered throughout the Empire Polo Fields as it sprinkled on and off throughout the evening. But by Saturday morning the sun was shining and the usual Coachella fashion fest kicked into high gear. We spotted the standard crop of Coachella-wear—hippy threads, flower headbands and flowy dresses, feathers, headdresses and lots of American Apparel. But a few new trends made their way to the grounds this year: long sheer skirts over shorts or bikini briefs paired with belly revealing tops, short-shorts and tops in mixed prints, and floppy felt hats. The popular outfit of choice for dapper fellas seemed to be Bermuda shorts with tees and cropped jackets with straw hats. The massive celeb-heavy party circuit that has grown around the three-day concert has definitely upped the style ante, too. At the Lacoste Live pool party, some waited over two hours to get a glimpse of Katy Perry, Lauren Conrad, Lea Michelle, Elijah Wood, and Diane Kruger.


Photographs by Linda Immediato and courtesy Wireimage