Blast From the (Future) Past


Future Memories was the theme for our anniversary, and to do it justice we collected a few of our favorite things, some memento from our party—including Marc Friedland-designed cards about L.A.’s future filled out by guests—and ephemera from local institutions to be buried in a time capsule created by photographer Larry Underhill (pictured) outside of the Los Angeles magazine office building. Here’s what will be underground until 2061:

The Simpsons script with signature and drawing from creator Matt Groening
Trader Joe’s Fearless Flyer
American Apparel purple “Summer Shirt”
American Apparel “Legalize Gay” shirt
Chef’s toque signed by top chefs including David Myers, Comme Ca, Noriyuki Sugie, Jon Shook (Animal/Son of a Gun), Roy Choi (Kogi, A-Frame), Michael Voltaggio, Jordan Kahn (Red Medicine)
Los Angeles Dodgers photo signed by Tommy Lasorda
Zagat Guide to Los Angeles 2010 checked out from Los Angeles Public Library with a July 1, 2061 due date
NASA-JPL Space Grade Aerogel
The Grove shopping center directory
Disneyland maps in English, Spanish, Chinese, Japanese, French and German
Farmers Market Bugle Newsletter
IMAX 70mm film strip from Space Station
Cellular telephone
Soap Plant/Wacko Eucalyptus oil
TV remote control
Go Green promo from United States Postal Service
Comme Ça signed menu
Zankou Chicken T-Shirt
Future Memories 50th party invitation designed by Marc Friedland of Creative Intelligence
Ed Hardy business card with tattoo designs
Scientology L. Ron Hubbard booklet 
Musso and Frank menu
Sex Wax surfboard wax
Toyota Prius scale model
Arclight ticket stub
99 Cents Only Store receipt
Los Angeles Public Library foundation program
Lomo Gallery “10 Prophecies of the Analogue Future” postcard
Kodak FunSaver instant camera
Gebhard and Winter’s Architectural Guide to Los Angeles
Korea Times newspaper
Recycler newspaper
La Opinion newspaper
Los Angeles Times newspaper
Homes for sale circular
MOCA Art in the Streets program and ticket
Los Angeles magazine business cards from all employees
Los Angeles magazine staff photo
RSVP list from Los Angeles magazine’s 50th Anniversary Celebration event
Menu designed by John Rivera Sedlar from Los Angeles magazine’s 50th Anniversary Celebration event
Notecards filled with visions and dreams for 2061 by guests who attended the event
10 Future Covers- Los Angeles magazine covers imagined for 2061
Envelope designed by Marc Friedland from the 2011 Academy Awards
Lawry’s carving academy medallion
Printouts of, Twitter, and Facebook
1961 edition of Los Angeles magazine
2011 edition of Los Angeles magazine
Photographs by Gary Leonard