Bird Watching: Where The Bird Lovers Gather


Photograph courtesy of Flickr/Hamed Saber

The Audubon Society has been enjoying and protecting birds and their habitats for more 100 years.

There are six Audubon chapters in the Los Angeles area that provide:

  • Recreational activities in nature for both adults and school age children
  • Monthly educational programs about birds and nature
  • Weekly field trips to California’s Important Bird Areas, California State Parks, and other unique natural areas
  • International trips to natural areas
  • Volunteer opportunities for families
  • Friendships with others who love nature and the environment
  • Educational nature programs for school age kids
  • A voice for protection of the environment and nature with local city, county, and state officials and agencies

Use the links below to find, join, donate, or learn about inexpensive or free activities at a chapter near you.

Los Angeles Audubon 

San Fernando Valley Audubon 

Pasadena Audubon 

Palos Verdes/South Bay Audubon 

Santa Monica Bay Audubon 

Whittier Audubon 

Audubon also has a nature center in East Los Angeles that provides free nature programs and events especially for children and youth including Audubon Film Fridays, family bird walks in español (A Pajarear en Familia), and Woodland TNC (Amor para la Arboleda de los Niños)

There is also an Audubon Center at Debs Park