A Day in the Life of L.A.’s Burger King

Adam Fleischman, the man behind the casual-dining revolution of the Umami Group, was profiled by Lesley Bargar Suter in the May issue of Los Angeles magazine. Here he rips out a page from his very busy calendar

Photograph courtesy kikimaraschino.blogspot.com

6:32 Kids wake up way early. Don’t they know I have a packed day? Anyway, I can see 16 minutes of Nickelodeon in my near future…

8:07 Head to the office to see what’s on the horizon. A few impromptu consultations with the team. Make a fresh pot of coffee.

10:36 E-mails done, as are vendor and deal calls. Traffic subsided—time to head down to UMAMIcatessen.

11:21 Downtown already starting to fill up. Have a cortado at Spring for Coffee and taste the batch of macha tea and the mescal slushie for quality control.

12:45 Site visit at new location in Thousand Oaks. Kitchen walk-through with development team, meet with designers about bar design, discuss new dishes for T.O. menu.

2:54 Stop by Umami in Loz Feliz to see how they are doing on their wine stock.

3:28 Brad Saltzman from L.A. Creamery brings us some pints for the office. Love the saffron ice cream!

4:02 Go by Umami La Brea to grind some new beef samples.

4:38 My chance to see the kids before they eat and wind down.

6:15 Back to the office to meet a new management candidate.

7:50 Back downtown to UMAMIcatessen to meet some press and have a few drinks with friends.

9:48 Home. Serious e-mailing, Facebooking, and tweeting before I pass out.

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