52 Great Weekends Gear

The May issue of Los Angeles magazine lays out a year’s worth of quick-hit getaways. Here are our favorite accessories to take along. All that’s left for you to do is pack

theessentials_masa_tMobile Foodie Survival Kit 
Organic spices (basil, cayenne, curry, dill, cinnamon, oregano, thyme, and more) for the bon vivant on the go. $26 at Flight 101.



This washable BPA-free plastic bottle makes itself useful by standing when full and folding when empty. $12 at Traveler’s Bookcase.


theessentials_masa_tLightload Towel
This 36-by-60-inch towel is the size of a hockey puck when packaged—and screams hot tub. $10 at Flight 101.


theessentials_masa_tGo Clean Wet Suit Bag 
Take that pre-checkout dip, then pack your swimsuit without worrying about a soggy suitcase. $18 at Flight 101.



theessentials_masa_tTravel Doodles for Kids by Anita Wood
This coloring journal filled with drawings by Chris Sabatino will keep little ones from asking if you’re there yet—again. $10 at Distant Lands.


theessentials_masa_tLuggage Label Travel Stickers
Old-fashioned luggage stickers give hard-shelled cases and scrapbook pages a nostalgic feel. $10 at Distant Lands.


theessentials_masa_tLuggage Tags
Vintage travel poster designs upgrade basic luggage tags to first class. $9 at Distant Lands.


theessentials_masa_tClassic Miniature Playing Cards
Twice as hard to shuffle as a regular-size pack but more than double the fun to play. $3 at Distant Lands.


This TSA-approved 2-ounce bottle frees up counter space by suctioning to the bathroom mirror. $9, available in pink, orange, green, or blue, at Distant Lands


theessentials_masa_tBlue Q Bag
A cool carryall woven from recycled products is the perfect itinerary stash-turned-day clutch. $8 at Flight 101.


theessentials_masa_tAuto Bingo by Regal Games

Who said Bingo is just for cruises? $4 per card at Traveler’s Bookcase.


theessentials_masa_tMini Kittour Containers
Thanks to three cap options that fit this 80-milliliter PET bottle, you no longer have to leave behind non-squeezable beauty products like hair spray and perfume. $8 at Mini Kittour.

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