Here Are the 10 Most Inspirational L.A. Women of 2015


Jill Soloway

She challenged mainstream television audiences to understand the trans community—and won

Jill Soloway

Photograph by Emily Shur

“Jill Soloway, you changed my life,” said an emotional Jeffrey Tambor as he accepted a Golden Globe award for his role as Maura Pfefferman on the Amazon series Transparent. Tambor isn’t the only one who’s experienced a profound shift. As the creator of the L.A.-based dramedy, Soloway has succeeded in helping to alter public opinion about transgender culture. “I vividly remember going to meet with Amazon,” Soloway says. “I told them—as a writer, producer, director—I can guarantee the tone of this show. I’ve never been able to do that before.” Part of the 49-year-old’s confidence was derived from personal experience: Soloway’s father, who came out in 2011, inspired the “moppa” (a mash-up of momma and papa) character Tambor plays. The success of Transparent (the show earned 11 Emmy nominations this year) has reshaped Soloway’s life as well. “Not only have I found my voice,” she says, “but I have made work I could stand behind that was wholly representative of who I am as a writer, an artist, and a storyteller.” – Valentina I. Valentini