Here Are the 10 Most Inspirational L.A. Women of 2015


Yasmine Delawari Johnson

She is galvanizing privileged parents to help moms without means

Yasmine Delawari Johnson

Photograph by Emily Shur

The 42-year-old recipient of the Alliance for Children’s Rights award cofounded the Alliance of Moms, a volunteer corps that supports foster care children who are pregnant or raising babies by providing parenting courses and supplies.

Why she does it: “As joyous as it is, being a parent is a very isolating experience, even with all the resources in the world. Kids in foster care don’t have any resources. We had a teen mom call and say, ‘Do you have any formula? I ran out, so I’ve been giving my baby water.’ She was 16.”

Her elevator pitch: “We’re doing anything we can to influence these young moms so their babies don’t end up in the system. Other programs try to encourage abstinence or birth control. These girls are already pregnant or have kids. Let’s deal with them.”

How she spreads the word: “There are so many people in the business of storytelling here. If you can get your message into the hearts and minds of this community, there’s a real opportunity to get it out into the world.”