Tara Roth Could Make L.A.’s Dreams Come True

The president of Goldhirsh Foundation launched LA2050, a civic advocacy program that invests in the future of L.A.

Why she does it: I see myself as a young, sassy fairy godmother—and I hear a battle cry out there. Angelenos deserve more opportunity and more access to higher education, green spaces, and public transportation. We’ve got the tenacity and the collective will to make that possible. I want to be a part of it.

Her elevator pitch: It might sound New Age-y, but we all need to be in this together. Whatever it is that each person can do to better the community, we have to do it. More bike lanes and tree-lined streets would be beautiful, but people working together toward something bigger than themselves is what will make a real difference.

Her secret to success: We take a lot of risks and make decisions quickly, which isn’t common for philanthropies. LA2050 came about because we didn’t see a road map for where L.A. was going. We thought, “Why not make one?”