Shamim Momin Believes Art Should Be Everywhere, Not Just Museums

Her nonprofit organization, Los Angeles Nomadic Division, supports local artists while beautifying L.A. with public art

Her lightbulb moment: I was struck by how many of L.A.’s artists were working in multiple practices, often creating work that didn’t belong in traditional art spaces. Unlike New York, there weren’t numerous public art organizations serving this city.

Why she does it: Everyone deserves the opportunity to think about and experience art, and not everyone feels comfortable in museums and galleries. It’s important for artists to bring their ideas to life in whatever place or format they envision—and without the burden of sales.

Her proudest moment: A viewer of one project told me, “I’ll never think about art the same way again.” I’m not sure he meant it entirely as a compliment, but I take that as a sign of our making a great impact.