Paige Adams Gellar is Changing a Billion Dollar Industry—in Jeans

The founder and creative director of Paige didn’t stop at changing the face of the denim business; she raises awareness for victims of sexual abuse

Her lightbulb moment: I went to a life coach to talk about my need to be creative and to empower others, and she said, “You should think about starting your own clothing line.” It was crazy. I hadn’t studied business or fashion, but I did my homework and saw that there were no other powerful women in the denim world.

Her secret to success: Because I’m a woman, I look at jeans differently. I’m compassionate about how traumatic it can be to try things on. When it comes to fitting, I’m mindful of different body types. Also, it was important to me to create a healthy work environment that nurtures a sense of community. If someone is toxic, they don’t last here very long.

Her proudest moment: I was asked to become a board member of the Rape Foundation. I was a rape victim at 16, and I later went to the Rape Treatment Center for help. So joining the organization’s team has brought my life full circle.