From One Woman of the Year to Another…

Dr. Jane Pisano, Los Angeles magazine’s 2013 Woman of the Year (and the outgoing president of L.A.’s Natural History Museum), tells our 2014 award winner, Alzheimer’s specialist Dr. Roberta Diaz Brinton, what comes next

“Well, first off, congratulations Dr. Brinton! I am absolutely floored by your work on Alzheimer’s disease, and what you’ve done with inner-city high school students to prepare them for careers in the sciences. I have a special place in my heart for female scientists, and I’m proud that the Natural History Museum works to inspire girls to explore science. What you do makes me want to do more. That’s what I’ve found most rewarding about the “Woman of the Year” honor: First, there is the thrill of learning about, and gaining introductions to, the other women featured—all ages, all backgrounds, with extraordinary contributions to the city and the world. After the introductions, there’s a resonance left behind. It’s an honor that compels its recipients to want to do more.”