Tipping Point: The Latest In Nail Art

Our favorite accessories these days are right at our fingertips. Endless color combos and easy DIY designs offer handfuls of presto-chango options. Give a high five to spring’s color blocking, diagonal stripes, polka dots, and moon shapes

Graphic Elements

Nail art draws inspiration from the polka-dot and striped garments that sauntered down runways this season in collections by Diane von Furstenberg, Marc Jacobs, and Michael Kors.

Designer Digits

For the spring fashion shows, L.A.-based OPI partnered with a half-dozen designers, including Lauren Moffatt, Jenni Kayne, and Katie Holmes. Models flaunted neutral nails with a diagonal sliver in a contrasting color. For a bolder look, mix and match hues.

Polish Like a Pro

Save a trip to the salon with these techniques

Polka-Dot Nails

Step 1. Coat nails with a solid base color. Pour a little nail polish in a contrasting color onto a plastic plate. Straighten a bobby pin, leaving the ball ends intact.


Step 2. Dip the bobby pin’s fatter end into the polish and press onto the nail, creating dots. To avoid smudging, wait five minutes before applying a clear topcoat.

Moon Manicure

Step 1. Paint each nail a solid color. To make light shades stand out, apply one coat of opaque white polish beforehand.


Step 2. Using an artist’s brush with a fine tip, paint a half moon in a contrasting color, starting from the base of the cuticle.



Photographs by Joseph Shin