TIL: How to Wear Jelly Bracelets Chola Style


Long before Madonna ever thought to don a wrist full of solid black jelly bracelets, the Cholas of Los Angeles were rockin’ the plastic jewelry with panache. I was a young girl on the other side of the country in the not-so-deep South back then, so on the recent day I arrived at work at KCRW with a few of my own jelly bracelets, Connie Alvarez, the station’s director of volunteer services, had some styling tips to offer (and reassured me Chola Style is a PC, well-accepted term referenced without causing offense, something I wasn’t sure of due to a lack of experience with the culture in my youth. #HonestIgnorance). Thus began my foray into vintage gangster style. I was rocking a slightly more complicated construction of the plastic bands on my arm in no time, and I whipped out my iPhone to share the results via Instagram. Here’s how I got the look:

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