What is the Formula for A ‘Wellness Sanctuary’ in Venice and West Hollywood

After a long stint with athletic and fitness brands alike, Pause Studio’s Jeff Ono decided to take a shot at the wellness industry

Health and wellness have become—and always have been—crucial elements in leading a balanced, productive lifestyle. This mantra was furthered by the COVID pandemic, as an Oct. 2021 report by the American Psychological Association found that more than 84 percent of surveyed psychologists saw an increase in demand for anxiety treatment. Just a year before, this statistic sat at 74 percent.

The wellness industry has expanded beyond psychology and psychiatry, however, as it is not believed that between 200 million and 500 million people practice meditation. Since 2012, the number of people practicing has tripled, and the value of that market is predicted to reach $9 billion by 2027.

Jeff Ono specializes in the other type of wellness treatment; the one that, to an outside observer, sounds like something carved out of the pages of an H.G. Wells book.

At Ono’s Pause Studio in Venice and West Hollywood, he offers a 3,600 “wellness sanctuary” that draws inspiration from the natural world—playing with elements such as texture, light, and shadows to create an oasis within the city’s urban landscape.

We caught up with Ono on some of the more SciFi-Esque treatments the studio provides, such as flotation therapy, infrared sauna therapy, IV vitamin therapy, and others.

Tell me more about you. What other experience do you have in the wellness industry? What led you here?

Growing up as a native Angeleno and as a former All-American athlete and lifelong health and athletic enthusiast, high-performance and healthy living have always been a big part of my life.  It made sense that I spent a career in health and wellness serving as Marketing Director for two iconic brands in fitness, Equinox, and The Sports Club/LA. Over the years I could see the shift towards self-care and recovery not only in my life but in the market.

A photo of Jeff Ono. (Photo by Pause Studio)

Like many others in today’s world, I was deep in my career, depleted from the never-ending cycle of more.  Life was chaotic and although I told myself that I had balance and perspective, my body was telling me something different. I wasn’t excited, I was tired.  And I constantly felt as though I was trying to catch up.  And I had twins on the way.  I wanted to feel better and be better.  And that’s where the idea of Pause came from.

What was the inspiration behind Pause Studio? Why could this be a necessity for Angelenos?

We live in extraordinary times.  We push harder today than ever before.  We are connected 24/7 and although we are designed to move, to think, to push, to challenge and grow—it does take a toll.  And we are constantly reminded of it.  Elevated stress levels, compromised immunity, lack of quality sleep, bodies breaking down – it’s all happening, and I felt all those things.  And I know that once I started habitually focusing on services that allowed my mind and body to recover, I felt better. I became better.

Our city has a frenetic energy few cities can match. We push hard in this city, we are active, and we are the capital of the entertainment industry and hub of technology and design. We are truly a city of creators, especially in the design of forward-looking life. We are demanding thus the need for Pause.

A float therapy machine at Pause Studio. (Photo courses of Project M Plus)

Another powerful dynamic in our is the abundance of inaccessible, exclusive, invite-only experiences. We at pause are democratizing wellness, we don’t believe you need to be a certain type of person to be able to reap the benefits of our curated experience and services. Wellness should be accessible and in a city of exclusivity, we are designed around inclusivity.

I saw that LED Light Therapy is one of your newest services on offer and suggests cell regeneration benefits. Could you go a bit more in-depth about this process?

It’s all about optimizing your mitochondria. The Mitochondria are basically where our cells produce energy in the form of ATP.  Aging, stress, lack of sleep, pollution, and many more characteristics of modern living negatively influence the efficiency of our mitochondria process.   LED light therapy triggers and activates one’s mitochondria.  Much like how plants produce energy from the sun, LED light can be used to activate energy production within the cells of our body.

Photobiomodulation combines the use of visible light with infrared wavelengths to trigger a photochemical response. The wavelengths produced by LED light stimulate chromophore proteins in the mitochondria of the cell, which control ATP production. Increased ATP production enhances cell efficiency which can accelerate wound healing and tissue regeneration, increase circulation, reduce inflammation, minimize acute and chronic pain, and help restore normal cellular function. Light therapy increases ATP production within the cells, causing increased cell efficiency and regeneration.  Healthy cell function and regeneration unlock a multitude of benefits and can impact nearly all systems at work in your body.

How does LED Light Therapy benefit customers aside from cell regeneration?

NASA originally began experimenting with red light therapy on plant growth in space and then to help heal wounds in astronauts. Like many developments, other potential uses began to be investigated. Some of the most popular benefits our clients experience with light therapy include improved skin health, enhanced collagen production, reduced inflammation, minimized joint and muscle pain, less eye strain, fewer headaches, and much more. When the correct intensity and treatment times are used, light therapy is highly effective in treating a wide variety of ailments.

Our LED Therapy features three unique settings, so you can select between red, pink, and green LED lights to best address your specific needs. Light therapy is even being used in clinical studies to treat Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s, concussions and brain injuries, stroke, depression, movement disorders, multiple sclerosis, as well as autoimmune conditions, and more. The potential of light therapy is limitless as we find more ways to improve cell health with photobiomodulation.

To any potential customers out there for Pause Studio, what is something that you would like to tell them that would grab them?

Life can be crazy and complicated but the key to being better, better partners, better parents, better friends, and better humans is simple.  We need to allow our minds and bodies to rest, recover, and renew.  When we do that, our minds and bodies can do their best work. Preventative health, physical recovery, and mental regeneration are intertwined, and synergistic, and there are ridiculously pleasant, science-backed services that address these three pillars.  And I just may know of a place where you can enjoy these services…

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