Tracy Austin

Tennis pro
Photograph courtesy Flickr/Jwol3

I started playing the competitive tennis circuit in my teens, about 20 tournaments a year. I was the youngest of five; my mom worked at the Jack Kramer Tennis Club. I spent my life there, which is where my memories were formed. There was this empty lot nearby, and we would go into it and pick the lupines and sell them to the club members. There was freedom. There was a swamp with frogs and tadpoles, and we would scoop them up with tennis ball cans. We walked up to Jack in the Box and into the store next door and got gum. That was our little two-block area—we could climb under the fence and collect golf balls at the country club. Those were our adventures. You can make a lot out of a tiny area when you have 30 friends to do it with. » Austin, 48, is a two-time U.S. Open winner and grew up in Rolling Hills.