Randy Newman

Composer, songwriter
Photograph courtesy Flickr/Volume12

The reason I wrote “I Love L.A.” in the early ’80s was really just that I needed an up-tempo song for the record I was doing at the time. I remember Don Henley saying that since I’m actually from here, and since everyone else is writing California or L.A. songs, why don’t I write one? So I did. I was happy with how it turned out. I had no idea it would be received the way it was. Then as now, the principal thing about L.A. is that even though the weather lacks variation, it’s a big deal. The fact that you can go outside and you don’t have to think about it—it doesn’t seem like much, but it’s a very big deal. Oh, and there are beautiful, beautiful women here. » Newman, 67, has won an Oscar, an Emmy, and several Grammys. He belongs to the film-scoring dynasty that includes uncles Alfred, Lionel, and Emil.