Nancy Sinatra

My main growing-up spot was Toluca Lake. My two front teeth came out on the neighbor’s dock because I slipped getting out of a boat. We had a sailboat, a rowboat, a canoe, and a kayak. They stocked the lake with rainbow trout. I had to learn to put a worm on a hook—in the Valley, in the middle of L.A.! I’m a beach bum at heart. After school, my girlfriends and I would take the bus down to the beach and do our homework on the sand. Every now and then, when I need to get cobwebs out of my head, I go to the ocean. It makes you think—it makes you know—that there is something bigger than we are.  » Sinatra, 70, is the eldest child of Ol’ Blue Eyes. She hosts a weekly satellite radio show, Siriusly Sinatra , on Sirius.