Joey Lawrence

Photograph courtesy Flickr/Heiko_baby

I remember going on The Tonight Show for the first time. I was five and a half years old. We pulled into the gates of the old NBC lot in Burbank, and Johnny was there smoking a cigarette. He looked just like my grandfather. I went out there and did my thing—I sang and danced. I was fairly unknown other than doing commercials. But that started it all. Afterward NBC added me to Gimme a Break!, and then Blossom came from that. It was surreal in a lot of ways, being the most popular 16-year-old in the world at the time. Everywhere I went, people were freaking out. It was great but crazy. We had security all the time because we had some stalkers. That’s something I won’t forget. » Lawrence, 34, stars in the ABC Family show Melissa & Joey.