Cedd Moses

Nightlife impresario

Power Tools was the greatest club ever in the history of L.A. It was started in the ’80s in a small space on Washington Boulevard. It was a constant mash-up of rock and roll, hip-hop, skate punk, surf punk. You’d walk in and Warhol would be standing next to David Bowie. But it wasn’t about celebs there. It was about the music and the energy. In the ’80s, there was an amazing nightlife scene in L.A., but it was all illegal. That downtown scene at the time was really influential for me. I always knew downtown would come back, but the missing element was a residential population.  » Moses, 50, is the son of artist Ed Moses. He owns nine bars and restaurants downtown, including Seven Grand, Golden Gopher, and Cole’s.

Photograph courtesy Gregg Segal