Los Angeles Magazine Conversation with Mayor Eric Garcetti


On Tuesday, March 18, Los Angeles magazine hosted the first installment of this year’s Breakfast Conversation Series at Public Kitchen and Bar at The Roosevelt Hotel. The morning featured a discussion and Q&A between Editor-in-Chief Mary Melton and Mayor Eric Garcetti. Attendees enjoyed breakfast and listened intently as the mayor addressed civic stewardship, education, and the future of the city of Los Angeles.

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    • Page 1Guests enjoying breakfast at Public Kitchen and Bar

    • Page 1Stephanie Allain of Film Independent, Chris Dax of Macy’s, Samantha Greenfield of Los Angeles magazine, and Josh Welsh of Film Independent

    • Page 1Editor-in-Chief Mary Melton, Mayor Eric Garcetti, and Publisher Erika Anderson

    • Page 1Editor-in-Chief Mary Melton interviews Mayor Eric Garcetti

 Photos courtesy of Jennifer Fujikawa Photography