Mezze –Bahart Milk

Using Pisco Porton as an inspiration, Mezze created a soothing middle eastern cocktail great for festive occasions…

Mezze, which translates to sharing in Arabic, is a series of small plates that is the staple of Middle Eastern food culture. It is the symbol of conviviality, and time well spent with family and good friends. The traditions of mezze-style dining and the bounty of the California marketplace are the inspiration in creating Mezze’s contemporary Middle Eastern cuisine. We take the bounty of fresh product and local produce and combine them with the flavors and soul of the Middle East.

Mezze Bahart Milk

Ingredients & Directions
1 ½ Pisco Porton,
3/4 Barbancourt 8 year Rum
½ Middle Eastern Sweet Milk,
Baharat and Middle Eastern spice mix
Topped with grated pistachios.

Its a great after dinner drink. The sweet milk is a nice contrast to the Pisco and goes perfect with the earthy middle eastern spices.


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