Inside The Swanky New Hideaway in L.A.’s Arena

A new private, exclusive, multi-million dollar luxury hospitality suite emphasizes easy viewing at one’s favorite concerts and sporting events

Events at the Arena (formerly the Staples Center) come in a variety, to say the least. Within the next year, the venue will host concerts ranging from Tyler, The Creator to Journey, boxing matches, and of course, home matches for the Lakers and Clippers.

Alongside the entertainment comes a familiar discomfort in attending an event. Shuffling between crowded seats, waiting in long concession lines, and public restrooms are all part of the arena experience that don’t make attendees’ agenda.

However, suites are a convenient—and often expensive—alternative to the often-tedious rituals that come alongside any live event. When Matt Ampolsky invested and co-founded entertainment company Granted as well as partnered with the award-winning design team at Anthony W. Design, he wanted to emphasize the idea of easy, enjoyable viewing.

Thus, the Hideaway suite was born; a private, invitation-only, luxury suite complemented by custom Gucci wallpaper, modern art, as well as mahogany-rich and brass interiors. Altogether, renovations racked up a $2 million-dollar price tag—a number that made it the most expensive custom suite in the country.

An alternate view of Hideaway’s interior features, including a wet bar. (Photo courtesy of Hideaway/Granted)

“ Arena (formerly Staples Center) is an iconic venue in the entertainment capital of the world,” Ampolsky said. “Hideaway is taking the idea of a high-end suite to the next level while injecting a unique and enhanced experiential concept.”

The suite initially opened in early 2022 and is also one of the largest in the arena. Made from the combination of two suites into one, the 660 square foot Hideaway is located on Level A and has an unobstructed view of the entertainment.

And given the unfortunate event of your team losing—a comment sentiment for Lakers fans recently—guests can shift away from their seating and occupy themselves with the suite’s DJ booth, wet bar, or its claw and Zoltar fortune teller machines.

Ampolsky’s latest endeavor was no mere coincidence; he has been striving to perfect entertainment experiences since he founded his first company in his senior year at the University of Arizona.

“At the time, ticketing had become fully digitized and the market was filled with cookie cutter ‘VIP’ experiences,” He said. “There was a demand for human interaction and superior service along with unique, enhanced experiences at live events.”

His career took a slight detour when the pandemic first hit in March of 2020, an event he described as a “screeching halt.”

Between the solitude and cabin fever, Ampolsky and his company, Confirmed360, began to construct a “crazy idea” for YouTuber Logan Paul to fight 15-time world champion boxer, Floyd Mayweather.

From left to right, Jake Paul, Jeff Levin, Matt Ampolsky, Alex Smith, and Logan Paul at the Hideaway. (Photo courtesy of Hideaway/Granted)

The mega-event came to fruition at a sold-out Hard Rock Stadium in Miami on June 6, 2021, and became the top-selling PPV event of the year.

“When we first announced this it “broke the internet” and piqued global interest,” He reflected. “What initially was scheduled to take place in a boxing gym as a digital PPV with no fans quickly expanded into a sold-out stadium event with Showtime.”

Despite the pandemic, Ampolsky was able to launch a successful event in addition to a new luxury suite—something that was inconceivable a year or two ago. The Hideaway suite may mark his latest project, but it is certainly not his last.

“This encompasses the kind of fan experiences I am focused on delivering… I look forward to bringing more to the public in the near future.”

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