Discover Paradise In The Cook Islands

Immerse and explore the Cook Islands’ rich tapestry of traditions, customs, and culture

The islands are abundant with delicious South Pacific cuisine, welcoming locals, outdoor activities that include snorkeling in the brilliant blue lagoons, hiking the soaring mountain peaks alive with song birds and lush native vegetation, and strolling through the sugar white sands.

Dining & Entertainment
Further in the Cook Islands you’ll savor the authentic dining experiences ranging from local cafes to gourmet restaurants serving freshly caught tuna, mahi mahi and broadbill. Get lost in the island nightlife and be entranced by the traditional Polynesian dancing and rhythmic beating of traditional island drums.

Discovering the Culture
Experience the rich heritage of Maori-culture driven by tradition, where art is an integral part of everyday life. Cook Islanders are overly hospitable and welcome all to their slice of paradise.  The people have embraced the 21st century but have not forgotten the rich cultural traditions and practices handed down by their ancestors. Hop on a Vaka, a traditional Polynesian voyaging canoe and explore the waters in the same manner as the ancient navigators of yesterday. Experience dining with the locals via a progressive island dinner or join a church service on Sundays and be swept away by the church choirs beautiful singing.

Shop Until You Drop
All over the Cook Islands you’ll find locally designed arts and crafts ranging from pupu necklaces, hand-printed pareus, local therapeutic oils and fragrances and rito hats, pandanus mats, and carved wooden bowls all made from coconut. But the Cooks’ prized black pearls are one souvenir you can’t leave without.

Getting Around
Transportation around the islands is easy. You can opt to rent a car, hop on the Rarotonga island bus or, if you’re feeling adventurous, ride a scooter.