The Most Vegas-y Drinks in All of Sin City

From tiki to tasty to dazzlingly freaky, a quick guide for when you want a jigger of atmosphere with your beverage
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Mermain Lounge

Silverton Casino Hotel, 3333 Blue Diamond Rd

Because not even Ariel’s Grotto has live mermaids bobbing in a 117,000-gallon tank with stingrays and sharks.The Blue Hawaii? An Ocean Shore? Sex on the Beach? It’s a boozy journey to another time.The twice-daily shows, when a marine biologist outfitted in scuba gear feeds the fish. The salt-kissed jukebox jammed with beachy classics from the Mighty Surf Lords and Martin Denny.

The Freakin’ Frog

4700 S. Maryland Pkwy.

If you’re a beer-oisseur who’d get misty-eyed at seeing a $2,800 bottle of Samuel Adams Utopias.Anything off the list of nearly 1,200 beers. Visit the mammoth walk-in to choose your bottle.The Whiskey Attic upstairs, where 917 labels of aged barley wait for a tasting (sipping by appointment only).

Hakkasan Las Vegas

MGM Grand Hotel
& Casino, 3799 Las Vegas Blvd. South

When you tire of four-story clubs. This hybrid outpost of the global Cantonese restaurant has five.Stir-fried black pepper rib eye or the silver cod, a Tsingtao Stout, and a side of Deadmau5.L.A.-based DJ Steve Aoki. He’s the tiny longhaired figure spinning vinyl above the dance floor.

Frankie’s Tiki Room

1712 W. Charleston Blvd.

For off-Strip coconut kitsch and an obscene variety of rum labels.The Thurston Howl—a trifecta of gin, rum, and brandy—that’ll have you addressing everyone as “Lovey.”The salt-kissed jukebox jammed with beachy classics from the Mighty Surf Lords and Martin Denny.


Mandalay Bay, 3950 Las Vegas Blvd. South

Because it’s new and because even hot Vegas nightclubs (Marquee, Pure) don’t have Cirque du Soleil performers.There’s likely to be pricey bottle service, but go easy: You’ll find plenty of other ways to spend.The immersive lighting and sound systems will make it difficult to miss anything.


107 E. Charleston Blvd., Ste. 155

For craft cocktails with Amargo Chuncho bitters and Latin fusion tapas in a po-mo arts district.A ginger-infused, Jameson-based Honey Badger if you’re wistful about bygone Web memes.The mix of street characters, artists, and tech geeks that crowds around the patio’s roaring fireplace.