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Newsom Swears He Won’t Run for Prez, No Matter What Joe Biden Does

One of the few Democrats with anything going for him nationally, CA Gov. Gavin Newsom still will not cop to nursing presidential ambitions

Peter Quinn’s Hobby Made Him the Accidental VFX Artist to the Stars

Visual effects artist Peter Quinn turned his pandemic pastime into a video service to some top dogs, and Dogg, in Hollywood

U.S. Ponies Up $1B to Keep California’s Last Nuclear Plant Humming

The Diablo Canyon Power Plant was scheduled to close in 2025, but federal backing will now inevitably prolong its lifespan

Police Commission Says LAPD Cop Flouted Policy in Shooting of Girl, 14

Valentina Orellana-Peralta, 14, died in her mother’s arms in North Hollywood dressing room after Officer William Jones fired 3 shots

What’s On in L.A. This Weekend: Late Night Brunch, Christmas on the Farm, Holiday...

Also, after a brief, unfortunate end to the second leg of his September show, The Weeknd is back in Los Angeles to perform again

Kanye Took Far-Right Racist Nick Fuentes to Mar-a-Lago! Wait, Who?

Nick Fuentes, former child star of the arch right, went with Kanye West to meet Trump, and the media’s livid over the young monster

Musk Grants Amnesty to All Banned Twitter Users in Landslide Troll Victory

New Twitter commander Elon Musk say he is welcoming back almost everyone who was previously banished starting next week

Wrap It Up! LAMag’s Impeccably Curated Holiday Gift Guide 

Brad Pitt-approved shirts, women-led wine, a modern take on a classic Hanukkah toy and a wreath made of meat. In L.A. this season, you can give it all

The Kawaller Report: Chippendales Edition

We sent our resident objectifier of men to cover a titillating promotional event at Rocco's in West Hollywood

The LAMag Guide to Weekend Sales: Black Friday and Cyber Monday Special

You might as well cancel out every day but Friday for this weekend, as the country’s favorite shopping specials are coming in hot