These L.A. Zoom Backgrounds will Spice Up Even the Lamest Calls

Stuck in your studio apartment? Local photographers transport you all across the city

First there was Skype, then FaceTime, and now most of us are all too familiar with Zoom. The video chat app, initially known for hosting office meetings, has become the go-to option for hanging out with family and friends while in isolation. DJs use Zoom to host all-night dance parties, chefs host virtual cooking classes, and yoga instructors and meditation gurus connect with classes online. Celebrities from Sean Penn to Pee-wee Herman have opened their homes to public scrutiny. In fact, a favorite new pastime for bored quarantiners is judging the houses and offices of famous people Zooming in on TV. But not everyone’s residence is ready for a close-up. While the lockdown endures, up your production values with these chat backgrounds we’ve curated that bring the best of L.A. to your next virtual cocktail hour.

To save images, right click or drag to your desktop. And here’s Zoom’s tutorial on how to update your background.

Spice up your night with some corn dogs and deep-fried Oreos at the L.A. County Fair.


Don your Dodger cap, barbecue a foot long, make a michelada, and root, root, root for your home team.


Laker fans can fly their true colors backed by the late, great Kobe Bryant.


With PRIDE celebrations largely canceled this year, this rainblow-hued mise-en-scène offers hope for the future.


Channel this year’s postdrought poppy superbloom with this petals-pushing facsimile from the desert.


Remember the insane crowds on the Venice Boardwalk? Don’t worry, they’ll return soon. But for now you can enjoy it solo.


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