6 Items That’ll Make Working from Home More Pleasant and Productive

From the perfect all-in-one printer to noise-canceling headphones, these purchases will drastically improve your WFH setup

As many of us have learned since the safer-at-home order went into effect in March, working from home certainly has its pluses. You can forgo makeup, live in pants that have an elastic waistband, and eat cheese out of the fridge all the live long day. Of course, it has its drawbacks too. Ever try to have a productive Zoom call while your upstairs neighbor rearranges their furniture for the fourth time today? Here are some purchases

Adjustable desk


Studies show that productivity while working from home soars because many employees are willing to put in longer hours than usual. But sitting in the same position for extended periods can wreak havoc on your back and shoulders. Aptly named Executive Office Solutions makes a desk that morphs like a Transformer to suit any position you need to work efficiently—and comfortably. It can be raised into a standing worktable or collapsed to fit the height of your couch or beloved and well-worn armchair. It even shrinks down for use in bed. Bonus: It can double as a TV tray or cookbook stand.

All-in-one printer


It’s high time you got rid of that old Hewlett-Packard you bought at Circuit City a decade ago. For an affordable option the Epson WorkForce Pro WF-4720 is wireless so you can discreetly tuck it away anywhere in your home. The 2.7-inch LCD allows you to access the four modes—print, scan, copy, and fax (whatever that means). It also offers 4,800 x 1,200 dots per inch for high-resolution copies and prints up to 20 pages a minute. And you can scan documents right into your email inbox.

Attachable extra monitors


Do you find yourself spending too much time toggling between programs because your laptop screen is too small? If you don’t want to invest in a new computer or monitor, Packed Pixels Go is an inexpensive solution. The lightweight screens come in two sizes and seamlessly mount to either or both sides of your laptop. They have retina display as well as HDMI and USB-C connectivity. And they’re portable—take them on your next business trip or to your local coffee shop (as soon as social distancing is over) where you’ll be the envy of every day trader and aspiring screenwriter.



You’re in your pj’s in quarantine, and your entire home office consists of a sofa, WiFi connection, and laptop. For Zoom meetings, you grab any office-appropriate top from your closet and keep your sweatpants on and no one is the wiser. But slippers are the real unsung heroes of the WFH game. Birdies produces a variety in sumptuous velvet for women. Insoles made of quilted satin and high-density memory foam provide shock absorption. For dudes, Mahabis makes the most popular slippers. They feature a soft wool lining over foot-contouring foam. But more important, both brands are crafted with durable rubber soles for those brief walks to grab the mail or pick up packages. They are so stylish, you will want to wear them out and about when this lockdown is over—and you can.

Noise-canceling headphones


If you live alone you might have to contend with a barking dog, noisy neighbors, or the occasional blast from a gardener’s Weedwacker. In a household with homebound children and chatty adults, the noise can be relentless. Tune it out with Beats Studio3 Wireless headphones. They’re equipped with active noise-canceling capabilities that continuously target and isolate exterior sounds, and they have a state-of-the-art microphone, both of which come in handy during pressing conference calls—or when you just want to zone out to your favorite Billie Eilish track.

Desk lamp


Working in a dimly lit space can wear on you physically (especially when it comes to eye strain) and mentally. The Dyson Lightcycle mimics the properties of natural sunlight, automatically adjusting to maintain a consistent brightness. It has a 360-degree flexible base so you can aim the light precisely where you want it, and you can set controls through an app based on your age, the current task at hand, and your sleep cycle.

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