Weekend Playlist: New Music From Nnamdï, One Ok Rock and Labrinth

Plus, new singles from soulful trio Gabriels—who are set to release their debut album soon—and up and coming bubbly singer Shalom

Every week, so much new music is released that it can feel like a chore to sort through it all. That’s why LAMag compiles a Weekend Playlist rounding up the week’s top hits.

This week, a flurry of lesser known artists are ready to take the main stage, while more famous musicians seek to continue their reign. So sit back, relax and put on your headphones.

Nnamdï, “Dedication”

Making music takes copious amounts of dedication. With five studio albums behind him (and a sixth on the way), that’s something that Nnamdï is all too familiar with.

The final single to be released from Nnamdï’s upcoming LP Please Have A Seat, “Dedication” was written in the throes of a chaotic 2020. As Nnamdï tried to find motivation during such an isolating time, he played the song to boost his energy. And now, that same energy boost is available to the world. “Dedication” radiates with hope for the future, ensuring audiences that good things come to those who work for them. And that’s certainly the case for Nnamdï, so why not trust his advice?

Gabriels, “Angels & Queens”

Gabriels is heavenly—angelic, almost, you could say.

Drawing on influences from gospel, R&B and soul genres, the group is set to release their debut album on September 30. The titular single—dropped on Wednesday—encapsulates the group’s many talents, from rhythmic instrumentals to lush vocals. With the album, Gabriels aimed to combine their differing perspectives on love and loss into one cohesive work. And though the full album isn’t available just yet, this week’s single shows they can do just that.

One Ok Rock, “Vandalize”

This Tokyo quartet is making their mark—but despite their new song’s name, they are no vandals.

Industry veterans with experience collaborating with artists of all genres, One Ok Rock’s newest album, Luxury Disease, just hit shelves, and “Vandalize” stands out for the way it walks the line between its upbeat instrumentation and melancholy lyrics. The track emanates the group’s authenticity and personality—so much so that it has been chosen as the ending theme for the upcoming video game Sonic Frontiers (due out November 8). So even if you don’t listen to it now, there’s a solid chance “Vandalize” will make its way into your life anyway.

Shalom, “DTAP”

Missing summer already? Shalom is here to bring you right back.

The budding artist’s latest single “DTAP” comes with a music video perfect for summer nostalgia. With shots of Shalom roller skating by palm trees and the ocean, the video fully embraces its retro energy. And the song itself is just as summer-lovin’. Laid back with an upbeat twist, “DTAP” is bubbly and wishing for the presence of a lover. And it’s just what life calls for when you’re trying to hang on to those last moments of summer bliss.

Labrinth, “Kill For Your Love”

Labrinth is back with another euphoric track.

The artist behind the soundtrack of the hit TV show Euphoria just released a new single, and it stays true to his dramatic flair. A little more techno than the singer’s previous work, “Kill For Your Love” lets Labrinth’s voice shine like never before. The track uses a variety of musical highs and lows to create depth within its soundscape. With each listen, the song brings a previously unknown, but certainly not unwelcome, new dimension—so go on, give your ears a treat.

Other Worthy Mentions: Household Names

John Legend—also known as the husband of model turned internet star Chrissy Teigen—just dropped his eighth studio album, entitled Legend. It must be assumed that it’s a pun on both his name and what he hopes to be. And Nickelback, like it or not, is returns with another new single. But hey, we didn’t say that these were exactly people’s favorite names—just that they were well-known.

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