Weekend Playlist: New Music from Maggie Rogers, Kelsea Ballerini and Lizzo

Plus, danceable tracks from Boy Pablo and Dylan, with a sprinkle of experimental music from a four-artist collaboration

Each week sees the release of so many new songs and albums it can almost be a chore to sift through them all. But if you’re looking for a place to start, LAMag has you covered. From the soulful vocals of Maggie Rogers to the upbeat and effervescent Lizzo, this edition of the weekend playlist is certainly a treat.

Boy Pablo, “Be Mine”

Boy Pablo is notorious for summer love songs, and “Be Mine” is no exception.

The indie pop brainchild of Nicolas Muñoz, Boy Pablo is a musical project that houses the singer and songwriter’s work. With a slew of groovy beats already released, it should be no surprise that Boy Pablo’s latest single is also a success. Beachy and light, “Be Mine” milks all of Boy Pablo’s usual quirkiness for a song that’s as adorable as the puppy love it describes. 

Maggie Rogers, “Horses”

Free as a…horse?

It’s not a common idiom, that’s for sure. But it’s one that Maggie Rogers is owning. “Horses,” the third single to be released off the artist’s upcoming sophomore studio album, Surrender, yearns for freedom in every note. The guitar backing invokes the sound of the wide open country, and Rogers’ voice atop the instruments swells with the desire for her past lover to break free of the restraint holding them back from her. Even if you’re not one to saddle up and ride into the sunset, you should still take a second to give Rogers’ latest track a listen.

Kelsea Ballerini, “LOVE IS A COWBOY”

Continuing with the Western motif, country singer Kelsea Ballerini dropped the next song from her next album, Subject to Change, on Friday. Sincere and heartfelt, “LOVE IS A COWBOY” is the latest track to find itself in Ballerini’s 90s-inspired discography. The song is reminiscent of Kacey Musgraves’ Golden Hour era—and just like Musgraves, Ballerini strikes the perfect balance between the pop and country genres. For listeners who also find themselves toeing that line, Ballerini is an artist to watch.

Lizzo, “2 Be Loved (Am I Ready)” 

Lizzo is ready—for the critical acclaim she’ll no doubt receive for her latest project.

The singer, songwriter and flutist dropped her fourth album, entitled Special, on Friday. Though every track on the album demands a listen, “2 Be Loved (Am I Ready)” stands out for the complexity of the emotions it describes. The track sees Lizzo use her artistic gift to explore her relationship with—well, relationships. In the lyrics, Lizzo opens up about the nervous butterflies that come with getting to know someone and the questions and doubts it inspires. “2 Be Loved (Am I Ready)” is a candid and honest treat in a world that can sometimes be shallow and washed out. 

Dylan, “Girl of Your Dreams”

Dylan insists she can be the girl of your dreams, and you’d be hard pressed not to believe her.

The Suffolk artist hit it big with her song “Nineteen” (which now, coincidentally, has over 19 million streams on Spotify) and hasn’t slowed down since. Earlier this year, she released the EP No Romeo and now she’s back for more with her newest single “Girl of Your Dreams.” The track oozes with playful youth. Upbeat and danceable instrumentals complement Dylan’s lyrics describing the ability to mold herself to a man’s desires. Though Dylan will no doubt continue to grow, the 22-year-old’s freshness allows her to describe memories of girlhood still new. If you’re looking for an artist who can turn wistful themes into indie-alt songs, Dylan’s definitely a go-to.

Other Worthy Mentions: An Otherworldly Collab

“Solar System” is a four-artist extravaganza from Superorganism, CHAI, Pi Ja Ma and Boa Constrictors. The song is as galactic as the title suggests, with plenty of futuristic sounds to back it up. Though it’s a bit more experimental than the other tracks on this week’s list, it intrigues the ear in a way only songs that push the boundaries can. If you’re looking to broaden your horizons, “Solar System” will take you out of this world.

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