Weekend Playlist: New Music from Dylan Conrique, SIRA, and Dayglow

Plus, a collaboration between Bear’s Den and Maisie Peters and heartfelt singles from burgeoning country artists

For many, summer signals a time of excitement and adventure. But if your summer has been a little less “my life is a movie” and a little more “in my feelings,” this edition of the weekend playlist is for you. Featuring TikTok sensation Dylan Conrique and rising artist SIRA, this collection of sentimental singles certainly has you covered until next weekend.

Bear’s Den and Maisie Peters, “A Good Love, Pt. 2”

With season 3 of the Apple TV+ series Trying on the way, two British artists have teamed up for the soundtrack’s lead single. 

Bear’s Den announced in a tweet on Tuesday that they would release nine original songs for the soundtrack on July 22. But for those who couldn’t wait, they shared the collaboration with Peters early. Guided by a soft guitar backing, Peters and Bear’s Den singer Andrew Davie converse about a dying love. A metaphor comparing the two characters’ relationship to a wilting plant is laced within the lyrics. Gentle and melancholy, this might just be the sad song of the summer.

NIKI, “Oceans and Engines”

With “Oceans and Engines,” NIKI is making a wave.

NIKI splashed onto the music scene at age 15, when she opened for Taylor Swift’s Red Tour in Jakarta. Now 23 years old, next month will see the release of her second studio album. “Oceans and Engines” is the second single to be released from that album, detailing the artist’s experience with her high school love moving away. The track features rolling instrumentals that mimic the sound of the ocean, and NIKI’s light but soulful vocals put her passion on display.


You may not have heard of her yet, but it’s time to start taking SIRA seriously.

In her latest single “BBDC,” SIRA proves that she is not to be overlooked. The song, its title an acronym for “Bad Bitches Don’t Cry,” centers around accepting your vulnerability. This smooth, laid-back R&B track is the perfect fit for anyone who needs a pick-me-up jam that isn’t too loud for their fragile heart. 

The video—directed collaboratively by SIRA and Raven Irabor—is also sure to brighten any viewer’s day. From gold chain noodles to fluffy feathered dresses, the production is a visual treat. Although SIRA hasn’t made it big yet, her creative vision will certainly place her among the (super)stars.

Dylan Conrique, “i miss you (skin to skin)”

Dylan Conrique has done it again. The “Birthday Cake” singer has only had 18 birthdays herself, but her most recent release is another sentimental song that will have you sobbing right along with her.

Lamenting the loss of a relationship, “i miss you (skin to skin)” features Conrique wrestling with the reality that her partner is no longer in her life while chastising herself for wanting them back. The blue and black color palette of the music video only adds to the sadness of the song itself, amplifying the emotion in Conrique’s voice. If you’re having the opposite of a summer fling, this track is definitely for you. 

Dayglow, “Then It All Goes Away”

There’s no doubt that Dayglow’s effervescent musical style makes his songs prime choices for a summer anthem. “Then It All Goes Away” is no exception—especially if your summer has been a bit complicated.

“Then It All Goes Away” is the first single to be released off Dayglow’s upcoming album People in Motion, which is slated to arrive in October. Though the music video is the polar opposite of Conrique’s, the sentimentality is just the same. In the track, the Texas-born artist keeps his typical upbeat nature, but slides in a few lyrics about feeling down and confused. This juxtaposition adds a layer of depth to the song that takes an incredibly high level of skill to execute. 

Other Worthy Mentions: Taylor Edwards and Temecula Road

If you’re looking to mix it up, a few semi-saccharine country songs might be just what you need to feel your way through the weekend. L.A.’s not exactly the Grand Ole Opry, but there’s no shame in stepping out of your comfort zone. So this summer, don’t be afraid to break out your cowboy boots.

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