Weekend Playlist: New Music from Bailey Zimmerman, Rina Sawayama and Jawny

Plus, a surf rock single from Australia’s Ocean Alley, as well as fresh releases from young women ready to take the industry by storm

Every week, so much new music is released that it can feel like a chore to sort through it all. That’s why LAMag compiles a Weekend Playlist rounding up the week’s top hits.

This week’s playlist does quite a bit of genre-hopping. From classic country to pop punk, there’s bound to be something for everyone’s taste—and maybe something that will open up a new interest as well. So sit back, relax and put on your headphones.

Ocean Alley, “Home”

The home of surf rock is California, but Ocean Alley proves that Aussies can master the art, too.

With all the laid-back beachiness of surf rock staples, “Home” brings a Down Under perspective to the genre. An ode to the place where the band grew up, the song echoes with nostalgia and fondness. And Ocean Alley will take that same feeling to L.A. when they perform at the Regent Theater on October 13—just a day before the release of their fourth album, Low Altitude Living.

Dora Jar, “Bump”

Dora Jar is about to bump up her position on your playlist.

The artist, who will embark on her first North American headline tour this November, is currently playing in Australia and New Zealand with Billie Eilish. But she still had time to release a single this Thursday, a mesmerizing track that will draw you right in. Describing the magical moment in which everything seems to fall into place, “Bump” captivates the ears with its unique sound—and it’ll keep you begging for more.

Bailey Zimmerman, “Never Leave”

Bailey Zimmerman just arrived on the country music scene, but he doesn’t appear to be leaving any time soon.

The 22-year-old artist will release his debut EP next month, and he just dropped one of the work’s singles. Describing his desire to persevere through tension in his relationship, “Never Leave” brings Zimmerman’s youthful passion to the world of country music. Relying on tried and true country instrumentals while also using Zimmerman’s young fighting spirit, the song will make a fan even out of those who aren’t country-listening regulars.

Rina Sawayama, “Forgiveness”

If you’re not a Rina Sawayama fan, then we can’t forgive you.

The Japanese-British singer just released her second studio album, Hold the Girl, which sees Sawayama open up like never before in a raw display of emotions. In “Forgiveness,” Sawayama is honest about the difficulties of moving on after you’ve been wronged, and how it’s not always straightforward. It also doesn’t hurt that the song is super catchy and will have you dancing all day long.

Jawny, “Adios”

You’re not going to want to say “adios” to Jawny any time soon.

The 26-year-old singer-songwriter and producer always knows how to put a skip in listeners’ steps, and “Adios” is no exception from that trend. With an upbeat, but not overbearing, sound, the track will set the perfect background for any car ride or late night. Despite its somewhat downtrodden lyrics about rejection, the song is overall light, breezy and fun. So if you’re looking for the next bop that will be stuck in your head, then this one’s for you.

Other Worthy Mentions: Teenage and Twenty-something Wonders

It’s no secret that the music industry can be a hard one to break into, with older and established artists heavily favored over rising names. But still, there are a slew of young musicians ready to take the main stage—and producing the music for it, too. Chloe Moriondo, the 19-year-old from Detroit, just released her new single “Cdbaby<3,” and 22-year-old Mxmtoon released the deluxe version of her second studio album Rising. Another 22-year-old, the UK artist who simply goes by Dylan, just dropped a new single, entitled “Nothing Lasts Forever.” So if you’re tired of seeing the same names on the music scene, just know that there are always more on the rise.

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