Weekend Playlist: New Music from Demi Lovato, Maya Hawke and Cautious Clay

Plus, a laid-back EDM collaboration from LP Giobbi and Caroline Byrne, as well as new songs from TikTok’s favorite artists

Every week, so much new music is released that it can feel like a chore to sort through it all. To relieve some of the burden, LAMag compiles a Weekend Playlist rounding up the best new hits.

This week saw music from veteran artists like Demi Lovato and fresh faces like Maisie Peters. With a wide range of genres—from light-hearted folk songs to bold rock anthems—there’s something to suit everyone’s taste. So sit back, relax and put on your headphones.

Maisie Peters, “Good Enough”

Maisie Peters’ latest single is so much more than good enough.

The 22-year-old English singer-songwriter already has over 3.6 million monthly listeners on Spotify and “Good Enough” sees Peters strip down to her raw emotions and be honest about her vulnerability. Using minimal instrumentals, the song lets her voice shine. But the track isn’t just about voice—Peters’ skilled lyricism takes center stage with carefully-described contradictions. Although she may not always be a feel-good performer, audiences know Peters’ music rivals some of today’s biggest names.

LP Giobbi and Caroline Byrne, “Forever and a Day”

LP Giobbi and Caroline Byrne walk the line between “chill” and “EDM” in their latest collaboration

If anything, EDM usually leans toward the exact opposite of “chill,” but not on this track. “Forever and a Day” combines Byrne’s light and airy vocals with LP Giobbi’s laid back electric rhythms. By featuring acoustic instruments like the piano alongside beats that could only be produced in the digital era, the artists create a piece with the perfect balance of new and old. 

Demi Lovato, “29”

Demi Lovato is the latest former Disney darling to embrace the dark side of life.

“29”—just one song off the artist’s new album, Holy Fvck—details Lovato’s experience with an age gap relationship. Speculated to be about ex-boyfriend, That 70’s Show‘s Wilmer Valderrama, the song sees Lovato use her perspective as a now 29-year-old to reflect on the time she dated someone who was 29 when she was only 17. “29” radiates a bold and angry sound, relying heavily on electric guitar. “You can’t have light without dark,” Lovato told the Los Angeles Times. “The dichotomy was really important to me, and I had to take my anger out of the shadows in order to heal. I am owning my dark side, and it doesn’t have to take me down.”

Maya Hawke, “Sweet Tooth”

Maya Hawke may have famous parents, but she’s still proving that she really does deserve a little celebrating in her own right.

The daughter of one-time Hollywood power couple Uma Thurman and Ethan Hawke, Maya Hawke has earned widespread acclaim for her portrayal of Robin Buckley in Netflix’s Stranger Things. But aside from making it big on the small screen, Hawke has dipped her toes into the music industry. Her latest single, “Sweet Tooth”—the second from her upcoming album Moss—has an almost childlike quality to it. Underlaid by the plucking of guitar strings, Hawke’s effervescent and wistful voice recalls simpler times. “Sweet Tooth” is truly a sweet song.

Cautious Clay, “Camp Anonymous”

Cautious Clay may feel misunderstood, but he surely understands music.

The R&B/soul singer’s latest single comes fresh off the release of his song “Puffer” just two months ago. In “Camp Anonymous,” Cautious Clay stays true to his open and emotional songwriting style. Aided by his ability to describe complex—and often conflicting—feelings, he breathes life into yet another sincere and heartfelt song. Although his artistic voice may not lend itself to the energetic summer anthem we all know and love, Cautious Clay is definitely an artist to watch.

Other Worthy Mentions—TikTok Favorites

In today’s music industry, one platform reigns supreme: TikTok. Over the past few years, a growing number of artists have found their big breaks on the app. Although the Wombats have been together as a band since 2003, a remix of their song “Greek Tragedy” blew up on TikTok in 2021. This week saw the release of their latest single, “Is This What It Feels Like to Feel Like This?” Fresh and upbeat, it’s a song that belongs on Spotify’s “My Life is a Movie” playlist. Another TikTok superstar, Peter McPoland—who has garnered 11.9 million likes on the platform—just released his new single, “Tonight.” Leading up to its debut, McPoland consistently teased the song online, ensuring his fanbase was ready to receive it with open arms.

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