Vanity Fair’s Oscar Party Is Back After Coronavirus Break

Expect a transformed “open-air space” for Hollywood’s most glamorous event of the year

It’s not the most A-list party of the year—Vanity Fair’s Oscar Party party registers an A++ amongst the moneyed Hollywood elite and the young and glamorous who star in their movies. But it’s not just a strictly Hollywood crowd—from athletes to rock stars—it’s all about what former Vanity Fair editor Tina Brown called “the mix.”

The 28-year-affair is so high-wattage that writer Frank DiGiacomo noted, “There is no V.I.P. section.” And it will be back this year, having to take a break due to coronavirus, reports Page Six.

Word is that the buzzy bash will take place at its usual venue, the Wallis Annenberg Center for the Performing Arts in Beverly Hills. However, the Center will be transformed into a more “open-air space,” certainly a nod to the coronavirus.

As for who might be invited (the guest list is a closely held secret) simply look to this year’s nominees: Nicole Kidman, Penelope Cruz, Kristen Stewart, Jessica Chastain, Javier Bardem, Benedict Cumberbatch, Andrew Garfield, Will Smith, and Denzel Washington.

The rules of the party are that you don’t talk about the party, and there are strict protocols surrounding invitations and arrival times. Chrissy Teigen Tweeted in 2020, “the vanity fair party is of course the best and most coveted official post Oscar party, but u must complete or dodge 5 tasks before actually seeing the party or I assume you just go missing.”

The Oscars and the Vanity Fair party will take place March 27.

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