This New Beach Hotel Makes a Compelling Case for a Venice Staycation

You don’t have to travel far from home for a stylish fall getaway

The Venice V Hotel leads with Hollywood glamour and a gleaming lobby. But take the elevator—said to be among the oldest in operation west of the Mississippi—to one of the 34 guest rooms, and you’ll see Venice’s multiple personalities on display. Designed by Relativity Architects, some rooms have beachy boho vibes, some allude to ’80s skateboard culture, and others have a warm minimalism. All feature pieces from local artists that have been curated by Relativity cofounder and longtime Venice local Tima Bell.

“The design,” he says, “exudes the authenticity of place.” 


The hotel occupies a landmark 1915 apartment building that was built as the Waldorf, a residence for stars like Charlie Chaplin, Clara Bow, and Fatty Arbuckle.

Photos by Mark Durling


In the oceanfront penthouse, stunning  beach views look almost like paintings hung on the exposed-brick walls. “You’ve got this beautiful light-colored sand and bright-blue water and green palm trees as a backdrop,” says designer Tima Bell.

Photos by Mark Durling


The lobby’s custom-designed blackened-steel chandelier and brass-inlaid floor make for a dramatic welcome. “A good hotel entrance should be enchanting,” says Bell.

Venice V Hotel, rooms from $225, 5 Westminster Ave., Venice.

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