This Local Couple Turned Love at First Sight into a Lasting Relationship

Each week we ask a local couple, ’How did you meet?’

Jane and Alisa knew they had to get to know one another the moment they sat in the same classroom together. Jane describes the first time she saw Alisa walk into her business class as both intense and overwhelming. “She came in wearing a yellow dress and I can still remember that moment,” admits 37-year-old Jane. ⁠“She was beautiful and had charisma.”

Over the next couple of weeks, the two would exchange a quick glance here and there. “I had always dated men,” says 39-year-old Alisa. “She was the first woman I ever dated. There was just something about Jane.” ⁠

That was three years ago. The two say that the relationship has only grown stronger during the pandemic. They share a place together in the Mid-City area and have two dogs. During the COVID-19 crisis, the couple even got engaged. They’re hoping to get married and start a family soon.⁠

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