The LAMag Guide to Weekend Sales: Pickwick Vintage Show, Maxine, and Much More

From luxurious Italian footwear to bohemian classics, our weekend selections offer a series of savory sales on jaw-dropping pieces

This year’s Fourth of July weekend was not kind to the L.A. shopper—despite the criminally high gas prices and excessive flight cancellations, three million people still made the conscious decision to pass in and out of LAX’s gates, making the city that much more crowded. Thankfully, this weekend is one that can (hopefully) be considered the city’s norm, with our routine traffic, both on the roads and in our stores. So buckle up, shoppers, then sit on a congested freeway for a bit, and then, finally, make your way to the best sales around town.

(Photo by Pickwick Vintage)

Pickwick Vintage Show July 9, 10 a.m. to 4 p.m.

DTLA finally gets its debut in this installment and does so oozing with style. The Pickwick Vintage Show is a monthly event that takes place at ROW DTLA. Much like some of the other smaller markets across L.A.—Silverlake and Los Feliz—Pickwick is a far more curated experience compared to events such as Rose Bowl Flea and Long Beach Antique Market. At least 50 local vendors gather at the ROW and set up shop to serve some of the city’s best deals. The only drawback is the $10 admission and the inevitably tedious task of finding parking downtown. Godspeed, fashion plates!

Maxine Sample Sale July 7-12, Online event

As someone who used to wander the floors of Nordstrom’s women’s shoe department as a salesperson, constantly discussing and selling products I would never wear, I can attest that Maxine has a variety of great silhouettes. More importantly, however, is that the price reductions for this sale are significant. Many of the shoes on offer are going for an astonishing 25 percent of the retail price. Dipping into the one hundred dollar range for a pair of luxury heels is definitely worth the journey. If there was a time to make a staple-footwear purchase, it would be now.

(Photo by Oscar de la Renta)

London Multibrand Sample Sale July 7 to 12 Online

Many may argue the downsides of shopping online but no one will deny that the pure variety of garments as well as their price point is often unbeatable. In the case of this multi-brand sample sale, this furthers that entire notion. Ondademar, Purple Smoke, Fabi Atelier, Natalia Picariello, Masterpeace, A Mere Co, Lazy Poet, and Oscar de la Renta are just a few of the names to be seen at this sale. Such a variety of luxury brands provides quite the assembly, with some incredibly intriguing pieces up for grabs.

Comino Couture Sample Sale Ends July 9, Online

There is something so eyecatching about bohemian style. Perhaps, it’s the way it seems to thrust itself in and out of the fashion scene so frequently. No, I do not think we will see another full-blown bohemian era for quite some time, but some of its core pieces will remain an essential part of outfits and compositions for the foreseeable future. This sample sale has plenty of such garments on offer, with an array of dresses and sets that stray further from the theme on hand. The patterns are plentiful, and the price slashes are, too.

Grammar Sample Sale July 8 to 12, Online

In complete contrast to bohemian style, Grammar is the go-to for essentials—the garments that must occupy your closet in order for anything else to work. Think white dresses, black shirts, and cream tops; these are the garments of which you need to own at least one. It’s the sale that serves the minimalist in all of us, with its entire line focusing on elegance, quality, fit, and design.

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