The LAMag Guide to Weekend Sales: Paradise Row, Cupshe, and Alameda Night Market

For this installment, we have plenty of the routine with a touch on the relationship between food and fashion

If there is one thing L.A. gets right, it’s the food. And the dynamic between food and clothing is one that is not touched upon frequently but should be discussed. For example, going to a bar may present a different outfit opportunity than say, going to a night market. Furthermore, going to a business dinner requires a drastically different composition of garments than a brunch. This is all self-explanatory, but breaking down the relationship fashion and cuisine hold is crucial when approaching either. This weekend, we touch on this with a featured night market—a staple of L.A. culture, with wide varieties of food and clothing on offer.

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(Photo by Uptown Flea Market)

Paradise Row London Sample Sale Sep 15 – 20, Online

Our unsolicited lecture on minimalism from last week’s Guide continues here, with Paradise Row. All items featured within this sample sale are minimal chic. Or is it minimal-core? Here, we have designer garments that serve the purpose of functionality over appearance, making them a must-have in anyone’s closet. Realistically, many brands sacrifice a piece’s durability at the cost of making it aesthetically pleasing, but this one pulls off great looks while sacrificing neither. 

Cupshe Sample Sale Sep 14 – 18, 11 a.m. to 5 p.m.

Summer may be making its exit, but for us Angelenos, the joy of the beach spans year round. That’s why the Cupshe sale is perfect for this moment. The beachwear brand specializes in swimsuits and coverups, all featuring fun patterns, quality textures, and sturdy fabrics. When preparing to head to the sands, it should be a given that you’ll seek out the best pieces in fit, color, quality, and style. Cupshe hits all the bases, making it worth checking out.

(Photo by Alameda Night Market)

Alameda Night Market Every Thursday through Sunday, 6 p.m. to 11 p.m.

OK, back to the food-fashion connection from this week’s preamble. The Alameda Night Market, a beloved L.A. staple, also offers some of the best Mexican food in the city alongside its many clothing vendors. So when one shops there and eats, not only are they planning their outfit for the occasion, but they are also shopping at the venue while enjoying their delicious meal. Moments like this can often make the food-fashion relationship so intriguing—try it yourself!

Bibi Bijoux Sample Sale Sep 14 – 19, Online

Bibi Bijoux’s sale this week marks the Guide’s leap back into the world of jewelry. I wouldn’t say many of their designs are intricate, but they are certainly fun—such as their delightful charm bracelets, embellished with blue and white. I can’t attest to the craftsmanship but given the price point, I would just issue a warning. For the short term, these can be really great pieces. Whether they will stand the test of time may be for you to determine. 

Uptown Flea Market Sep 17, 10 a.m. to 4 p.m.

It’s always my pleasure to welcome an unfamiliar event to our Guide, especially when we are talking about a new flea market. Uptown Flea Market specializes in vintage clothing, plants, delicious food, and a variety of other categories. With over 100 vendors, it fits into that sweet spot of being not too small that it’s underwhelming and not too huge that it’s daunting. Bring your best friends—and also your pets—to this brilliant market.

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