The LAMag Guide to Weekend Sales: Moschino Women, Labeca London, and Nike Swimwear

From high-end and eye-catching garments of Moschino to the loungewear of Labeca London, this weekend covers almost every fashion base

Welcome back to the latest edition of the LAMag Guide to Weekend Sales—our walkthrough of how to splurge on your wardrobe for less.

This week, I was mulling upon the fact that high fashion has lost a lot of its relevance for today’s younger fashion plates. Few brands tend to captivate like the household names that have been around for decades—there is no new luxury brand like Louis Vuitton, Hermes, Yves Saint Laurent. Are the young and stylish even all that interested in this sort of towering brand? 

“Facing the reality of climate change has become impossible to ignore and many luxury consumers are altering how they shop and what they are willing to spend their money on,” Harpers Bazaar says

Today, the thread a brand must build between its identity and popularity is now much more difficult. That’s why every week, right here, we plan to usher in the unfamiliar and brilliant brands of the fashion and shopping scene in Los Angeles for you to discover. 

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(Photo by Long Beach Quilt Fest)

375 Showroom Moschino Women’s Sale August 5 – 9, Online event

Yes, I am aware that we may have just made an effort to push forward some of the smaller brands only to begin with the promotion of Moschino. However, the brand is simply iconic and deserves placement in our guide. As the one and only Franco Moschino once said himself, “You know, fashion is a sickness and young people today are born with shopping chromosomes, with a silly I-want-it-now mentality.” That truth certainly stings but it is the truth. How could people not be “sick” with a consumerist mindset when the brand in question is as fab as Moschino?

Labeca London Sample Sale Aug 4 – 10, Online event

OK, here’s an ode to a smaller brand, and a great one at that. Lebeca London specializes in travel and loungewear and makes both of those categories of clothing as comfortable as possible. After all, popping into LAX for any endeavor seems to take all of anyone’s energy away, so coziness is crucial to consider. The sale itself has everything; loungewear, travel, swimwear, knits, linen, denim, and an array of other articulate garments. There is clearly a careful consideration to the design that goes into these clothes, as all could easily be staples in one’s closet. All in all, this sale is solid, with a wide range of pieces to choose from and a price slash of around 50 percent on most items.

(Photo by Nike Swimwear)

Bestir Nike Swimwear August 5 – 7, Online

Upon first glance, I was unsure whether the “swimwear” on display was meant for the pool or any facet of athletic activity. However, this is the craftsmanship that Nike has continually implemented into its swimwear line. The sets are certainly not a traditional approach to and instead focus on functionality for high-performance. In this, the pieces can come off as being designed for “elite training” but using what the professionals do is always ideal, right? Plus, the sets all have a pop of color that will be sure to make shoppers stand out—in the best of ways—at their local pool.

Long Beach Quilt Festival August 4 – 6, 10 a.m to 5 p.m.

This entry is certainly a deviation from the norm around the Weekend Guide but it’s a great compliment to the Long Beach Antique Market, which took place not too long ago. If you missed that, this is definitely the next event to attend in town. The Long Beach Quilt Festival doubles as both a market and an opportunity to make quilts yourself—yes, you heard that right. The entry fee of $15 may be offputting but considering that both classes and shopping from local artists are offered, it seems pretty fair. This one takes place across three days, giving you plenty of time to drive on over and check it out.

Melrose Trading Post August 7, 9 a.m. to 5 p.m.

Melrose Trading Post takes place every weekend, which is why it has not been included in the guide so far. That being said, it is a great little market that raises money for Greenway Arts Alliance’s Free Arts Programs for the Fairfax High School student activities budget. Aside from this, the vendors are always really kind and bring their best pieces to show. Prices can be a bit steep but there are plenty of cheaper options hidden within if you look for them. Tickets are just $5, so you can’t really go wrong with this one.

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