The LAMag Guide to Weekend Sales: Kukhareva London, POLOGEORGIS, LACC Swap Meet

This week, we have a variety of sample sales, featuring faux fur, real fur, vintage, and elegant patterned prints

The circular economy: It’s the next big thing that fashion wants to move toward. This will inevitably fail. During my courses at the Fashion Institute of Design and Merchandising in DTLA, the main emphasis was always sustainability. Not until I took a social responsibility class did I lean of the idea of a circular economy—a light “extremity” as compared to the generic, dated, idea of sustainability. The circular economy seeks to address the things that sustainability does not—human use and the end cycle of clothing—by halting the production of excessive waste. Truth be told, “sustainable clothing” may be said to have been made with eco-friendly processes (a lot isn’t, of course) but will end up in a landfill, just with its cousins who were not made with sustainability in mind. While the circular economy is far better for the environment, it will likely never reach its full potential. With this note, we want to remind all to be conscious of how you take care of your clothing and think about where it ends up. Shopping is fun, but it can be harmful if consumers are not mindful.

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(Photo by Shoutout LA)

Kukhareva London Sample Sale Oct 2 – 7, Online

I’d never heard of this brand but I was genuinely impressed by the clothes that are up for sale. Roughly all items are priced under $100 and the garments fascinate. Knitwear that drapes elegantly, bohemian-style dresses, and stunning prints make this one stand out.

POLOGEORGIS Sample Sale Oct 7 – 11, Online

This sale was difficult to decide whether or not to include this week, especially given the talk of circularity. As many know, furs are often viewed as dated, and not necessary, and their use is scolded within the world of fashion. Typically, genuine fur has been switched out for faux fur on nearly every occasion, though a handful of retailers still opt for the real, cruel thing. POLOGEORGIS is one of them, so I made sure to do deeper research before actually entering it into this sales guide I found that the brand is “devoted to using ethically sourced furs and sustainable production tactics. Some great garments are offered here at a discounted price, and the choice is with you to shop for them or not.

(Photo by Los Angeles Times)

LACC Swap Meet Every Saturday and Sunday, 9 a.m. to 3 p.m.

I have not been to this swap meet, but the aspect that immediately drew me in was free parking and two-dollar admission—a staple of some of the best fleas in the area being cheap entry. Better yet, the admission price actually goes towards a good cause, with funds helping to raise $500,000 for the LACC Foundation and benefitting over 17,000 students each year. The swap meet has over 200 vendors as well as food trucks and ice cream. One of my favorite activities is to grab a cone and browse—you should absolutely try it.

Jakke Sample Sale Oct 3 – 8, Online

In fashion, there needs to be a balance between the good and the… less good. I wanted to propel that notion by also adding a brand that has plenty of faux fur garments available, thus balancing out the true fur sale from earlier. As stated by the brand, Jakke “makes pieces that will be able to slot into your wardrobe, regardless of the season, with a focus on timeless luxury pieces made from long-lasting, ethical fabrics that can be worn year after year.” L.A. may not get cold enough for faux fur, but if you ever head up North, you won’t regret giving this sale a try.

COCOE VOCI Bridal Sample Sale Oct 7 – Dec 20, 10:30 a.m. to 5 p.m., Apt. Only

I wish that the length of this sample sale was a joke, but I suppose it is understandable given that weddings are scheduled for any point during the year in L.A. Nonetheless, wedding expenses already run sky-high, and getting a discounted dress is always an option to minimize costs. Besides, anything beats the ongoing trend of dyeing a wedding dress (just look up dip-dye wedding dress on YouTube).

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