The LAMag Guide to Weekend Sales: Kenzo, Kiko Leather, Reformation

This weekend is jam-packed with all the desirables, with high-end luxury tees, a Gen Z staple, and everything in between

Seeing Reformation and Kenzo in one guide is certainly a jaw-dropper, so we just hope you’re as happy to see it as we are. Once again, enjoy a newsletter full of the best sales across the Southland, courtesy of LAMag.

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(Photo by Kenzo)

Bestir Kenzo T-Shirts Sample Sale Nov 4 – 8, Online

Kenzo has quickly become a familiar brand in the world of streetwear, sliding into the fashion world with great ease. Bestir is hosting a Kenzo T-shirts sample sale, meaning all the basics of the brand will be on offer at—quite honestly—the price point they should have been, to begin with. Even better, Chicmi is partnering with the American Cancer Society to donate a percentage of each purchase from the sale.

Kiko Leather Sample Sale Nov 1 – 6, Online

Every outfit needs a bag. Whether it be a tote, purse, clutch, or satchel, it is a crucial aspect of completing an arrangement of great garments. Kiko Leather is dedicated to bags and accessories alike, also offering wallets, cardholders, and lipstick holders. Altogether, it’s a great option to get quality leather products at a discounted price. Shopping from this one is shopping local, too, with the brand being founded in 2014 right here in Los Angeles!

(Photo by Reformation)

Reformation Sample Sale Nov 8 – 13, 11 a.m. to 7 p.m.

We all know the name, and we all know their game. Reformation has quickly risen to the top in fashion and lies somewhere between fast and luxury brands—it’s a comfortable median. Not only this, but they have seemingly captivated millions as a so-called “sustainable” brand, despite the greenwashing allegations. Controversial or not, their designers make some damn good garments. We are putting this one on your radar before the sale even opens, as it would be no surprise if a line soon forms around the block.

Hammittland Nov 5, 10 a.m. to 1 p.m.

Hammitt is proficient in providing quality; the brand has been kicking out well-crafted handbags since 2008. On Saturday, they host “Hammittland,” a selection of specially priced Retiring Styles that comes just in time for the holidays. This event offers fun for everyone involved, whether it is discount shopping or the fresh frosés on offer!

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